A community that believes in team support, we value being creative and propelling our clients forward on everything from big-picture strategic messaging and visual identity to the tiniest detail of a logo design— distilling one indelible image that renders your brand unforgettable.

We’re a wunderkind crew: young and brimming with fresh ideas, but with over a decade of experience in our fields. People who come to us are doing awesome things they believe in. Which means, so are we.

We tell stories. These are ours.

Angela Stucky

Founder and Creative Director

The CEO and Chief Creative Executive of Angela Stucky Creative Design launched her business single-handedly in 2008. She received her Art degree following her training at UC Santa Cruz and subsequently entered the world of web design, creating work that is engaging, powerful, and fun with a function. Her twin passions for art and dance allow her to see the world performatively and are a great influence; after all, what is design and visual identity but a form of performance?

“Everything has a reason and a function,” Angela observes, looking out over the marine life in the Monterey Bay near her home. “Nothing else can dive like a Pelican.” People, like nature, are driven by purpose to fill the world’s needs. Ms. Stucky brings this philosophy to every project and every client. She distills that which is most valuable about what you do, and brings it alive through the creation of a visual identity.

“Marketing is about finding the best way to tell your story. We believe in creating fun and meaningful ways to evolve your brand and messaging. An enjoyable experience working together helps the ideas flow. The best things happen when you’re inspired and excited and having a good time.”

In her spare time, Angela travels the globe finding new inspiration.

Bree Karpavage


Bree Karpavage earned her BA in Advertising design in 2011 and began working in the newspaper business in Santa Cruz, where she quickly moved into and mastered layout and advertising design. Inspired by the passion of local entrepreneurs, she launched her own graphic design business the following year. She co-created the Santa Cruz Mountains Makers Market, which features work by local artists, crafters, and musicians. “I discovered my talent for marketing,” she states. “We built an event brand and successfully marketed it.” The SCM Makers Market is now in its fourth year. “I’ve always got a plethora of ideas rolling around in my busy brain.”

For Bree, life, like design, is ever evolving.

Liza Monroy


Liza Monroy came to Santa Cruz with eleven years of professional writing experience in the literary capital, New York City, where from 2002-2013 she worked in book and magazine publishing, advertising, and overall freelance-wordsmithing for venues ranging from The New York Times to NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering. And oh yeah, she has a debut novel from Random House and two works of memoir published by Berkeley’s own Counterpoint/Soft Skull Press. She’s a lecturer at UC Santa Cruz, teaching writing classes around themes of social justice and social media, because she believes in spreading the love (of written words, well-crafted to make meaning.) She brings this love to everything she does.

“Words matter. Finding the best language to suit your ideas is power—the power to represent yourself.”