Watercolor of the week

OK, so here is an interesting thing about art.

I became a designer so that I could professionally be creative and artistic. But I have found that, as an adult, so much of art became what people do or do not like, what has been approved of, what is useful and lucrative. I chose to focus on making a living, chasing the paper, over self-expression. I learned to ignore the fact that I have a talent for the more immediate rent-and-groceries.

Now I’m a graphic designer and web developer. It turns out that my thirst to learn new languages and create physical forms are actually the most valuable traits that I have. My repentance for rejecting these deities has been immediately accepted. Art and adventure have happily agreed to become part of my life again. Their only request is that I have integrity. That I create a structure for my life that allows for learning, doing, being bold, and being completely unreasonable in embracing what moves me. And then, that I hold to that structure. Even when I want to pull the covers over my face, screen on, or tune out, I tell myself, “Angela, remember how awesome the universe is? It’s ok.”

One action within holding this integrity is a weekly watercolor. And I’d like to make a point of sharing it with you all to hold me accountable to myself. Here’s the first one. It’s a gift for Melanie and Papiba’s wedding today. I’m posting it in the hopes that they do not go online this morning 🙂 it is  their wedding after all, they’re probably really busy.